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Advantages of using LED lights

Why Use LED Lights?

Have you ever heard of light emitting diode (LED) lights before? These were initially created for use on electronic components back in the 1960s. They use a low-intensity infrared light, but over the decades, they have slowly become a solid replacement for regular light bulbs. LEDLEDs are semiconductor devices that can produce visible light. This occurs when electrical current is sent through them, making them very practical and as useful as traditional incandescent light bulbs. Let’s go over the life expectancy of these bulbs, their power efficiency, and determine whether or not mercury is used in the creation process.

What Is a LED Light?

These lights are made from semiconductor materials that will typically generate a blue, green or red light.


They produce some heat during this process which is absorbed by the heat sink. Unlike a traditional incandescent bulb, LEDs can’t produce white light unless some type of phosphor material is used to cover the lights, effectively converting it into white light.

How long does a LED bulb last?

One of the most positive aspects of LED lights is that they last long. An incandescent light bulb which will last only 1200 hrs., LED lights can last for 25,000 hours. If you do purchase LED lights that produce white light, you are going to pay more for each bulb. However, they will last 20 times longer on average, making this the best choice when it comes to cost and efficiency.

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What Is The Power Efficiency Of A LED Light?

In regard to efficiency, LED lights are so much better than incandescent bulbs. By comparison, the same amount of light produced by either bulb will take 60 W of electricity for the incandescent bulb opposed to 10 W for the LEDs.

Additionally, if you were to compare this to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), they are still slightly better than these compact fluorescent lights in regard to both lifespan and energy efficiency.

Is Mercury Used In The Process Of Creating LED Lights?

The only lights that use mercury in their construction are CFLs. There is often a misconception that the amount of mercury that is used can be toxic if the lights are broken. However, it’s a very minimal amount. If you are going to invest in LED lights, you will not have to worry because mercury was not used in making them.

Are LED Lights The Better Choice?

LED lights are considered by many to be the best choice among incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Currently, CFLs the most popular, even though they contain mercury.


However, if you are looking for a light bulb that is going to be both costs effective to purchase, and also inexpensive to use, LED lights are the best choice (Be it LED lights for industrial or LED lights for residential). Over the course of a couple decades, you will pay far less for LED lights than you would CFL or incandescent light bulbs. This makes LED lights the logical choice for those trying to save money when purchasing them, as well as those that are looking to lower their electric bill.

If you would like to know more about savings, here is a savings calculator if ever you decide to switch over to using LED lights. A handy tool from EcoGlow.