Do You Need To Have Insurance To Tow A Caravan

In Australia, if you are going to tow a caravan behind you, you might wonder if you need to have some type of insurance to legally have this on the road. You might not need it if you are going off road, but the vast majority of trips are going to occur on the highways. According to the laws, you do not need to have insurance for a touring caravan because it is towed behind your car. However, the reason you might want to consider having some type of insurance, specifically a caravan insurance policy, is that someone may steal it or it could get damaged during your travels.

What Is Caravan Insurance?

There is something called QBE caravan insurance which will also cover trailers. It is a complete type of coverage that will cover you whether you are driving down the road, or at a caravan park. You can also be covered if it is sitting out in front of your home and someone decides to steal or vandalize it. It also provides you with coverage if your caravan is actually part of an accident where someone, or their property, is in some way damaged.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Caravan Insurance

These policies are very comprehensive. They will provide you with coverage such as accidental damage, theft, fire, and repairs. It will also give you emergency accommodation money, as well as transportation costs, to cover you until your caravan is either replaced or repaired. They offer towing costs, freight costs, and after accident cleanup money that can be used which could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. They will also cover the fusion of electric motors, and even legal liability insurance attached to the policy protect you from people that want to take advantage of our litigious society.

What Caravan Insurance Will Not Cover

Although it covers almost everything, one thing it will definitely not cover automatically are the contents within your caravan. That is going to be either a separate policy, or an additional component of the policy that you will take out. It is very similar to renters insurance. It is also not going to provide layup cover, which is also an optional benefit. This is coverage for your caravan when it is not being used. Other than that, these policies will cover virtually everything that can happen to your caravan.

Where Can You Get This Insurance?

You can find these companies online that offer caravan insurance. You should always get a couple different quotes from the companies that offer it to make sure you are getting the best price. If it is a lower price, make sure that the coverages the same as the one that is much more expensive. Sometimes it is better to pay a few extra dollars every month for the maximum amount of coverage that is available.

Once you have searched on the Internet, requested multiple quotes, and you have made your choice on which policy to get, simply get the policy started. The sooner that you have this done, the less likely you will be responsible for thousands of dollars in repairs or have to deal with legal issues that may arise as a result of traveling Australia with your caravan. And always remember, if you are still not the proud owner of a caravan, you should always consider Retreat Caravans when you are searching for the best ones that are available.