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Environmental Protection Agency Does And Goals

It can seem a bit odd that saving the environment of the only planet we can live on would be controversial, but it is. Many people deny that human activity could ever have a meaningful impact on the air, water and land of the Earth, meanwhile, the evidence is abundant that we already have. In the 1970’s conservation was a hot topic, and the air in many cities had already become non-breathable, water undrinkable and the land could no longer grow edible plants, so president Nixon established the Environmental Quality Council. This eventually became the Environmental Protection Agency under the newly appointed William Ruckelshaus which would oversee many other departments. Currently, there are hundreds of issues that the agency is working on, all at the same time covering a wide range of critical issues.

Pollution, Of All Kinds, Are Under EPA Jurisdiction

Everything from industrial and automobile exhaust to heavy metals and other toxins poured into the waterways are part of what the EPA is supposed to regulate and prevent. The use of fossil fuels is also a major problem in that, even if we burn half of all the discovered oil, it could seriously damage the entire ecosystem of the planet permanently. The result would be catastrophic global warming that could alter the climate, making large areas uninhabitable due to extremely high temperatures, other areas, possibly would be underwater, while still others would have so much rain that crops would rot. Many animals would perish due to the complete destruction of their habitats. bike


The Overpopulation Of The Planet Is A Major Problem At The Root

Basically, nearly all of the problems that man faces on Earth could be lessened with fewer people. The shortages of water are all due to too many people needing a share of a finite resource. The same can be said about the food, electricity, fuel and housing shortages, we have plenty of everything with the population of 20 years ago. But, with the population due to increase several billion more, many people are bound to starve if something isn’t done. Encouraging the use of renewable power such as solar, wind and hydroelectric is one way that the Environmental Protection Agency has to limit the use of fossil fuels, thus helping to slow global warming. The entire population of the Earth is depending on scientists to solve the problem and make renewables cheap enough for all countries to afford. At the same time, the over abundance of garbage and waste around many populated areas has become a major problem with many countries resorting to throwing non-biodegradable wastes directly into the oceans. We now have gigantic floating islands, as large as the US in size, circulating in the center of the Pacific Ocean. These plastic waste islands end up choking fish and other wildlife by filling them up with the indigestible matter until they die. Unfortunately, many politicians hope to dismantle the EPA because they believe it’s bad for business. Thankfully, there are plenty of people that still desire to breath clean air, drink pure water and eat non-toxic foods. It’s important that everyone study the environment and the Earth we live on to get a complete understanding of how we’re all connected before it’s too late.