Promotional Apparel Trends in Vogue during 2017

promotional apparel

Apparels undergo a change in trends year over year. The style is the key to apparels. Promotional Apparel distributors have to remain updated about fashion trends.

Knowledge about the latest trends helps distributors to provide the right advice to the customers who visit their outlets. Every year, particular sets of apparels work hot among the customers. A look at the recent apparels in vogue proves that the old comes back now and then.

Vintage and Retro are the two pieces which have a place in the fashion arena at all points of time. These goes to prove that old patterns come back into use, cat walking in their ways.

Dad Hats Returns

Known as a canvas baseball, this style cap which is highly unstructured comes back into vogue. It comes with a strap on its back to facilitate holding back in a tight manner. Almost every person in all age groups wears this cap though the young people makes it a fashionable accessory.

Hegemony of Heather

Made of different coloured leathers which are interwoven to create a unique piece of fashion, grey is the colour that occupies a predominant place in the fabrics.  All colours including the bright ones can be arranged in a heathered manner. Heathered designs can be produced in all types of apparels including T-Shirts and Fleece. Right from Football coaches, the hegemony of Heather attracts every man around the corner.

Short Sleeve Sweat Shirts

This cool cachet is the trend of all seasons. It goes well with women, particularly the young and middle aged ones. It is one of the favourite apparel that every girl will desire to have in her closet.

Tee’s Heritage

Heritage styles in a T-Shirt space are going to be the style for men in the days to come. The kinds of Tees that are transiting in the apparel market in a smooth manner range between Varsity Tees, Baseball Tees and Ringer Tees.  The looks of these T-Shirts are attractive, accommodating performance features that are contemporary in nature.

Colour Blocking

Colour Blocks in T-Shirts is the trend that has been catching up with T-Shirt fashion.  It is sure to increase the performance of Men’s T-Shirts.

Trad Patterns and Neon Touches

Traditional checked and striped pattern are going to the trend of the day when it comes to formal men’s wear. Specific colours go well with these patterns; some of the popular ones being Indigo, Blue and Navy. Using neon colours that are bright also works well with these patterns. The fabrics display performance parameters like odour control and moisture wicking.

Sporty Scuba Necks

Scuba Necks gives the maximum stylish looks to youngsters. The zipped up neck increases the sharpness in looks. The warmth it provides increases its performance value. Scuba Necked apparels are available for women with special features.



Pleats offer a unique finish to the apparels. Designers use pleats to create interest in the dimensional aspect of dresses deploying them in different areas. From the pleats on the shoulder to the ones in the side, pleats add immense value to the looks of dresses

Insect Repelling Apparel

The promotional apparel industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Developments related to the same are astonishing, the latest one being Insect Repelling ones. While this adds value to the performance wear, it is a one of its kind of innovations in the apparel industry.

Insect Repelling clothing aims to repel midges, flies, ants, fleas, mosquitoes and chiggers. Apparels have come a long way from water resistant ones to Insect repelling ones.

Slub Chic

Slub fabrications in T-Shirts have been attracting buyers for many years. Such fabrication value-add to the T-Shirts designed for both men and women. The organic image that this style project gives fashion a finer finish.

Pink Returns

Pink resembles femininity, and it is returning. Right from the pale shade of pink to the darker Magenta aspect, pink adds dreamy looks to women’s apparels. October being a breast cancers awareness month, the Pink shade is going to rule the market, particularly in women’s apparel market.

Olive Green

Olive green, despite its somberness, is considered as exhibiting activeness when it comes to apparels. Indigo may join Olive Green to take Men’s wear to totally new heights in the apparel industry.

Denim and Flannel Woven

Retail collections are not going to be complete without the cool cotton Denim and Flannel collections. These light weight sleek style apparels never fail to kindle the client’s desire to try them on themselves.

Buttoned Down

The button-down shirts are more formal and make the wearer look absolutely stunning. The stretchy materials and moisture wicking quality of these apparels are crisp solids that attract buyers easily.

Camo Accented Jackets

camou jacket

Camouflage patterns are never new to the fashion industry, they have held their place in the trends strongly time and again. Camo accented Jackets provide a country look adding an outdoorish image to the personality. Many kinds of apparels like shirts, caps, women’s clothes and fleeces come in camouflage pattern for many years now. It remains the trend now too.

Oversized is Back in Vogue

People love to wear oversized sweatshirts, Jerseys and T-Shirts. These oversized jackets are mainly preferred by people in the hospitality and education industries.

Retro Inspired, Slimmed Down and Puffed Up

Corporate outerwear is usually the sought-after ones. The soft shell bonded jackets and puffer jackets fall in this category. The retail-inspired polished appearance of these apparels fit in many professionals like Engineers, Executive, Construction Managers, Sales Professionals and many others.


Take inspiration from these styles and rock the year. Take these tips and walk down your own catwalk wearing your own branded merchandise!